• A.C. Watson

Into the Fire, teaser #1

I’m a strong swimmer and I can hold my breath under water for well over three minutes. He had no chance and I felt a euphoria as the life force drained out of him and I let him drift out to sea. I swam back to shore and walked the half mile back to my house, showered off in the outdoor shower so I wouldn’t wake up my family, climbed in my window and drifted off into the deepest sleep I’d had in many years. I knew then that I would kill again and that I would need to be clever enough to not get caught. The police investigated and concluded that he must have gone down to the jetty to swim, hit his head on the rocks and drown. That’s the only way they could account for the bruises on his face. As the years went on through high school and college, I became more and more stealthy and could break into any door or window. I also began keeping track of them by making hash marks on a chalkboard that I keep in my mind. I can remember every one of them and I cherish the memory of their deaths. I think that over the years, more than two hundred men have crossed my path in the wrong way and never saw daylight again. I don’t kill at will, and it isn’t random either. I’ve been raped more times than I can remember. Most of it was pushed into the dark place with the little boy when he goes to hide in the deepest recesses of my mind. He protects me from those memories because they must be the worst of them. The faces that swim in my mind bring with them the evil that was forced upon me and took away my innocence.

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