• A.C. Watson

Into the Fire, teaser #2

I spin them around, faster, faster, until his feet are almost hitting my shins. As they start to slow down, I reach out with the knife and slice through both the jugular vein and carotid artery. The blood sprays so far, and with the spinning it’s going everywhere. I can’t stop it and it’s pooling all over the floor and the drop cloth. I grab Josh and stop the spin, and reach over to put my hand over the cut, stopping the spray. The blood runs down his clothes eventually draining into the basin on the floor as I had originally intended. I’ve never cut an artery that way, and was not prepared for that at all. I need to brush up on my anatomy and learn where not to cut. I’ve got blood all over my clothes and shoes. It starts to slow and is now just pulsing out at a slow pace, down his body and into the tub. I take a step back to survey the damage. I’ll have to spend some extra time down here mopping up and getting rid of the evidence. I slap Josh hard on the face and he seems to rouse a bit, blinking his eyes and then he fixates on me. I look like a horror movie and he starts to yell. I grab the tape and cover his mouth again. He convulses and shakes, trying to get loose from the bindings again, but it’s no use. He looks down at the floor and the blood all over the ground and nods his head. I slowly pull the tape away and lift his eyes to mine.

“This is where it ends. You took advantage and hurt people. Innocent girls that trusted you saw the façade for the lie that it was, and now you need to pay for it. It’s all over, Josh.”

I see him nod his head again. I ask the same question that I did of Teddy.

“Do you have anything to say? Now’s the time if you want to get something off your chest. I’m all ears.”

He slowly looks up at me again and sees the demon gleaming behind my eyes. He’s so hungry for more blood, and I won’t let him down. Josh opens his mouth to say something, and he whispers two words to me, almost inaudible.

“I’m sorry.”

I reply, “Me too.”

I walk back to the T.V. stand in the other room and pick up the big hunting knife that I found in Ted’s room. I step up to him, looking him right in the eyes and lower my gaze to the ground. I watch the blood at my feet, slowly coagulating, becoming a sticky mess. Suddenly I look up and, in a flash, I leap forward with a devilish grin, placing my hand over his mouth and piercing his chest with the blade. His eyes go wide with horror and pain, and I watch as the life slowly drains out of them. He was a good friend, but in the end, I reveled in the agony and death. I understand more about myself in that one instant. I’m cold blooded and calculated. I feed on the anguish of someone’s death. I’m not killing for fun. I get revenge for those too weak to fight back. I take all their grief and horror and push the blade home, soaking in the evil and letting the demon feed on it until he’s drunk with power. Only then do I feel alive and at peace with my own life.

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