• A.C. Watson

Into the Fire, teaser #3

She just sits there with a dumbfounded look on her face for what seems like an eternity, and before she can say a word I rip off my seat belt and launch across the seat at her. I can feel the pulse in her carotid artery racing and the muscles in her neck flexing with the squeeze of my fingertips. Her eyes open wide and she opens her mouth to scream but there is no sound. She can’t force enough air out to make even the slightest squeak. As her faceturns from red, to crimson, to violet, I can tell that she is fading away, so I ease off just enough for her to get a breath. Before she can get out a sound beyond a cough, I begin to squeeze again, the pulse in her neck beating like a locomotive trying to force the blood past my iron grip. She blacks out and I let go, climbing out of the passenger side door and dragging her by the hair out onto the ground. I open the toolbox in the back of the truck and find the nylon boat rope and tie her up in the back seat. I make sure that she can’t get loose, and I use the duct tape to tape her mouth shut. I don’t want to hear her speak until I’m ready for her to explain her part in this. It’s become clear to me that I can’t fully trust her, and I might have to make her disappear like the rest of my projects. But, this one would be the hardest of all. This time I know the person intimately. We dated for a short time in middle school. I took her virginity in ninth grade and we were best friends for most of our school age years. I don’t know if I can do this one. It all depends on how she answers my questions.

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