• A.C. Watson

Into the Fire, teaser #4

I want to subdue him first, as he’s stronger and a fight with him would give her time to call the police. I crawl along the edge of the bed until I’m inches from his face and rise to full height on my knees pushing the rag over his nose and mouth. His eyes flash open for a split second, just in time to see a black hooded figure with his hand over his mouth and he quickly relaxes into a deep sleep. The Sevoflurane does its job and keeps him subdued so I can give him the M99 shot. I notice that she’s moving around and duck back down below the edge of the bed. I wait until the movement stops and I peek back over him to see that she’s now facing the other direction. The sheet is around her waist and I can see the outline of her body in the light of the clock. I move around to the other side and notice that her face is buried in the pillow, and I can’t see her mouth at all. I’m going to have to try to move her or wait until she repositions again. I stand still for what seems like an eternity and realize that she’s not going to move on her own, so I move to the bottom of the bed to look in my kit. There’s a small piece of rope in the bottom and I get an idea. I will drag it slowly along her back like a fly or insect is crawling along tickling her and she’ll move to stop the annoyance, giving me the chance to knock her out. I dangle the rope above her skin and slide it up the bare parts of her shoulder. I can see her twitch slightly and I’m thinking I had a great idea, until I glance at her face and I can see her eyes shining in the green glow of the clock. She panics and kicks out with her right leg, just missing me. I grab her ankle and pull her to the bottom of the bed and off onto the floor, the impact knocking the breath out of her. I take advantage of the moment and jump onto her, straddling her chest and pinning her arms to the floor. I force the rag over her mouth and nose and watch her eyelids get heavy and eventually close tightly. I get out the other needle and administer the tranquilizer, allowing me time to get started preparing the room for the interrogation while both of my friends drift off into the deep sleep of the drugs. I’m out of breath and instantly roll onto my back to regroup and focus on the tasks at hand.

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