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It's been a while.

I haven't posted in almost a year. I think I need to step it up and keep my page current. How about another installment from Into the Fire. Or maybe one from Who is Ally Keener? The partner novella to Into the Fire. Here goes nothing.

We hang up, and I’m instantly elated that he’s on the way over. I can’t believe this is really happening. He’s coming to my apartment. I can sneak him in without Meg waking up. She’s probably passed out by now. Fifteen minutes pass by in an instant, and suddenly the door is opening, and he’s walking toward me. I’m swept up in the moment, and I don’t even register that he’s not wearing a shirt or shoes. He picks me up, and I wrap my legs around his waist as we share a long, slow kiss. The heat from our bodies and the warm breeze mixes to create an inferno between us. He turns toward the door, carrying me with him as we start down the steps. The elevator can’t reach the top floor fast enough and he’s pulling at my jacket and my shirt. I’m almost half-naked when the bell dings signaling the arrival of the elevator. As soon as the door closes, we’re kissing again, pawing and pulling on each other, never realizing that a girl is standing by the door trying not to be noticed. I catch her movement out of the corner of my eye and recognize her instantly, my face flushing a bright red.

“Hi, Jenn.”


“Warm night out there tonight.”

“Yep. Warm.”

“On the way home, then?”

“Yep. Forgot to push the button and ended up at the top floor.”

“Sorry bout the makeout session. Feeling a little embarrassed right now.”

“No problem. I was trying not to move or draw attention. I was hoping you would walk out and not see me when the door opened. Not that lucky, I guess.”

The elevator stops at my floor, and we walk out toward my apartment.

“Night, Jenn.”

“Yep. Night, Ally. And strange man.”

I let out a laugh as the door closes. I’ll have some explaining to do the next time I see her. She’s pretty easy going, but imagine that was a little unexpected.I unlock the door and listen for any sounds not related to the usual house sounds. It’s all quiet, and we slink into the entryway and down the short hallway. Meg’s door is still closed, and I don’t hear anything. As I close my door, I catch a glimpse of Manuel’s back and shoulders, and I feel the heat start to rise in my stomach.My legs are getting shaky, and I have the urge to push him down and climb on top of him like I’m mounting a prized stallion. His arms are defined and cut, each muscle stretching the skin and showing off its form.I can’t hold back any longer, and I drop my coat to the floor and pull my shirt over my head.I stand in front of him with only my thin pajama pants between him and my naked body.I can feel the tingle between my legs, and I reach for him, pushing him back onto the bed. I explore every inch of his exposed skin, kissing and moving inexorably toward the button of his pants.

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